Brown "Clover" Piteado belt

Brown "Clover" Piteado belt


According to archaeological remains found in different areas of Mexico, the use of fibers of Maguey plants by various indigenous groups in order to make everyday items was common even before the arrival of the Europeans to America. However, the conquerors taught the native Mexicans new techniques to use these fibers, due to the need to manufacture the gear for the horses they had brought from Europe. Thus, artisans took advantage of the abundance of a shiny, silky and resistant natural fiber that the natives called "Pita" to work in saddlery and tannery.

Currently, the “piteado” belt is very popular in the Mexican Charro culture, in which horsemen practice the “charrería”, national sport of this country and symbol of Mexicanity. This type of belt is an essential element of their traditional dress code, and therefore, a very important element in the Mexican material culture.

Working with simple tools, highly skilled “pitero” craftsmen, intricately and meticulously embroider limed pita fibers ornate designs into leather. The pita makes its way into the workshops of craftsmen located in the central western states of Jalisco, Zacatecas, and Nayarit. Our handsome line of hand stitched western belts is symbolic of Mexican pride and artistic tradition and epitomizes Mexican cowboy chic.

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