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Wayuus Community

"There are thousands of weavers in the Wayuu community and we have over the years been able to work with the finest weavers and their mothers, daughters and aunts.  We have learned that in helping one another through optimal and above fair trade pricing to artisans and co-op based production commitments, these women and their families have found economic stability and creative empowerment. And in today’s busy times, a true friend finds the time to see you off at the airport"

Back 2 Earth Usa

Polished Coconut is supporting Ugo Angeletti, CEO and Co-Founder of the youth-led composting movement on a mission to grow gardens, not landfills. He has won the Youth Step Up Climate Change contest to provide free organic waste collection service in order to give back to the Earth. 
Alicia has donated land to help develop the movement and create a composting station in West Coconut Grove. 

"All this talk about development and redevelopment and what we need to do is stop and assess very carefully what this world can process and what people can process, green space, plant food, grown gardens, connect with your community, heal, restore and build with purpose"  


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